Working with Nansen Forensics

Where you and the work you do matters!

Why Work with Nansen

Nansen is a company that truly strives to be a place where people love their work and feel part of their organisation.

Working for Nansen means you are supported, will enter our mentoring program and engage in ongoing training and development. We embrace diversity at all levels within the organisation, and recruit across Australia to support our operational needs.

Everyone is equal and all jobs are important at Nansen. Remuneration is based on the role, qualifications, experience, and performance of the individual. If you have the qualifications and experience for an advertised position, we encourage you to apply.

Current Vacancies

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Our Company Culture

Nansen maybe a little different to other companies you've worked for. We place company culture ahead of everything else and this is a commitment the founders take very seriously. Of course, like all organisations we are keen to recruit highly talented people that are inspired to do their best work, supported by the tools and resources needed. However, our recruitment process places significant emphasis on personal skills, authenticity, and an ability to work alongside others. We want leaders that support our people, who showcase their teams ideas, work and achievements as well as their own.