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What we do

We provide a range of traditional digital forensic services, including mobile and computer forensics as well as contemporary blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT forensics. We follow suspicious cryptocurrency trades, highlight suspicious activity, alert you to transactions from an address of interest, uncover hidden funds, reverse engineer, track stolen funds and more!

How we work

We provide digital forensic services Australia wide. We will travel, attend warrants and provide on-site services, but our experience has shown that many clients do not require us on 'scene' and are commonly in possession of the devices they need analysed. For this reason we have simplified our Digital Forensic Services by partnering with TNT Courier to manage fail safe, hand to hand pick up and delivery of your devices. The fail safe delivery method satisfies chain of custody requirements so it is suitable for cases where chain of custody is important.

'Our model removes the logistical burden and allows you to get work done'.

We provide professional, reliable and expedient service delivery, without compromise. Our team works hard to deliver high quality personalised services which means we are available to answer your questions, and typically get mobile device jobs done within 48 hours! All our staff are highly qualified and trained, and security cleared to NV1.

To learn more about our service provisions, visit our services page, request a quote or contact us for more information.

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The Nansen Forensics Team!