About Nansen Forensics

Our Mission is to deliver the highest quality digital forensic services to our clients, Australia wide. Our team is led by forensic experts with diverse technical and investigative backgrounds, each with decades of experience. This allows us to offer a broad range of professional services aligned with your needs.

Our team includes former detectives and law enforcement digital forensic analysts, former defence Intelligence and cyber security experts and global blockchain experts. We are always happy to answer your questions and look forward to your inquiry.

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mobile forensics
Mobile Forensics

We capture and analyse the contents of mobile devices, and provide malware and spyware detection services.

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network forensics
Network Forensics

Led by a former detective and expert cyber analyst, we work with your team to piece together what occurred.

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computer forensics
Computer Forensics

We provide a full suite of computer and laptop forensic services using the latest range of tools and techniques.

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drone forensics
Drone Forensics

Drones are increasingly used in sensitive corporate and government roles. We work with you to recover and secure drone data.

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blockchain forensics
Blockchain Forensics

As blockchain technology finds application in global supply chain traceability, records management and finance, the ability to independently trace and validate what has occured during an incident is critical to business. Our team can trace any public blockchain activity to deliver the critical information you need.

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Cryptocurrency forensics
Cryptocurrency Forensics

Missing or stolen cryptocurrency, money laundering, fraud and hidden asset detection, our team works to trace and identify the individual/s involved to support your case.

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NFT Forensics
NFT Forensics

As NFT's become a popular and highly valuable asset class, they are drawing the attention of cyber criminals. Theft, money laundering, fraud and hiding assets, are becoming an attractive and lucrative option. Our team works to trace NFT assets on any public blockchain to identify what has occurred and who is involved.

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Research and Development

We are leading researchers and developers in global blockchain technology, and are using our knowledge and experience to progress forensics in this emerging field.

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Nansen-Forensics was founded by Rose MacDonald and Andrew Collins.

Rose is a former police detective and digital forensic analyst with over 19 years law enforcement experience. After leaving the police, Rose led teams of criminal fraud investigators and established digital forensic capabilities at two Federal Government departments, before founding Nansen. Rose is an experienced court witness and holds a Master of Digital Forensics.

Andrew is a former CIO/CTO/CISO in the healthcare, commercial and federal sectors with extensive experience leading digital forensics and malware analysis teams, and managing department wide security programs.

For the past three years, our parent company Nansen.io has built several exciting new blockchain applications which are scheduled for global release in 2022. This expertise allows us to bring essential blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT forensic services to Australia!

Together, Rose and Andrew bring a wealth of industry, court, board and technical experience, supported by a world class digital forensics team operating Australia wide.

Nansen forensics founders, Rose and Andrew

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